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wsvlogoWSV is headed up by Skyler Thomas. I met Skyler in South Africa in 2015, we both share a passion for sharks and media, especially videos. We begun collaborating very quickly, I have appeared and co hosted some of his educational videos, and also assisted in the editing of some of his programmes.

White Shark Video believes the wrong message reaches a larger audience than the right message, and are striving to change this.

Using what is currently the fastest growing form of social media, video, White Shark Video strives to deliver knowledge straight from the source.  Through a combination of in-person interviews with the researchers and stunning wildlife footage, WSV transforms otherwise hard to digest research papers into entertaining films and presentations.


White Shark Africa 532892_282862778455579_1685639344_n

White Shark Africa is a cage diving operator based in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

In October 2014 I spent two months in Mossel Bay as an intern for White Shark Africa. It was a fantastic experience, working with white sharks, hammerhead, bronze whalers & smooth hounds. Also getting the chance to dive with Raggies and Oceanic Blacktips.

At the end of my internship they very kindly offered me the chance to return and continue the work I had started for them, so I did. From March to September 2015 I worked for them as their conservation & media co ordinator. One of my roles was to speak to clients, which involved a 20 minute presentation at the start of the trip, a cage and shark behaviour briefing on the boat, and constant commentary on the sharks we were seeing and behaviour they were displaying.

I was also able to spend time with the interns each month, helping them prepare their own presentations, and equipping them for when they returned home, to continue their work for shark conservation.

Another of my roles was to engage the local community with the importance of sharks. I was able to get a number of local schools and business owners out on the boat to see the sharks for themselves and improve their understanding of them. I also started a local event which still runs today where, once a month in a local coffee shop, people from Mossel Bay come and hear about which sharks we have been seeing recently, and other conservation campaigns that are being run.


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Bite-Back 60743_525034580859563_790771153_n

Bite-Back is a shark and marine conservation charity, which run campaigns aimed at consumers and business to reduce the number of shark products being consumed in the UK.

I have been a follower and supporter of Bite-Back for some time, but after returning from my internship decided to be a bit more active. I began taking letters to Chinese restaurants asking them to remove shark fin soup from their menus. This began a relationship with Bite-Back, and when I then returned to the UK, the collaboration was formed.

Bite-Back run some fantastic campaigns, and make it very easy for anyone to get involved.


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