“Your presentation was very slick and appealed to all ages, demonstrated by the youngsters wanting to stay for the 2nd half!  A few people have said to me since that your diction was the best they’ve heard in ages…something to be proud of, bearing in mind these people go to lots of talks.”

Sue McClellan, RSPB Chelmsford

IMG_7003“Had a fantastic session with Dan; he had the entire class awestruck with his clear presentation and engaging content. As a shark fanatic myself I was gripped by the high quality videos and clarity with which his presentation was delivered. Dan covered a wide range of topic areas including details about his conservation work, shark finning and the different personalities sharks have.

As a result of the presentation the children produced a high quality range of work from writing persuasive letters to local Chinese restaurants which still served shark fin soup, recipes for alternatives to shark fin soup and detailed fact files about sharks and their misunderstood image.”

Miss Noy – Home Farm Primary School

IMG_2884“I just wanted to say a massive ‘thank-you’ on behalf of everyone for the shark night.
It was a great success and everybody loved it so much. We learned a lot and had fun doing it!”

Toby Hewson – Alternative Dive Club

“Dan came into CCHS on 2 occasions to talk about shark behaviour and conservation, before and after his most recent trip to South Africa to work with White Shark Africa . He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of sharks and had some great footage that he had taken in South Africa to complement his talk. Conservation is key to the survival of some shark species and Dan was great in inspiring the students of what they could personally do to help.IMG_2789
All of the students really enjoyed his talks and benefitted from his expertise. You will not be disappointed if you get Dan to come and talk about sharks which he is obviously very passionate about.”

Iona Martin – Head of Biology, CCHS.